Intentionallies : shaping Japan and beyond
Title:      Intentionallies : shaping Japan and beyond
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Authors:      Tei, Shuwa.
ISBN-10(13):      9789077174340
Publisher:      Frame Publishers
Publication date:      2011
Number of pages:      280
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The portfolio of contemporary Japanese design firm Intentionallies—now published for the first time—covers fifteen years in which the outfit created remarkable environments at home and abroad. Offering insight into the working methods of the award-winning firm, this book showcases and explains the team's architectural projects, interiors, and products.

Intentionallies is out to push the architectural envelope, to research the depth and range of the discipline, to break boundaries. Featured projects include private residences, offices, restaurants, commercial buildings (such as Hotel Claska and United Cinemas), shops (Burberry, Gravis, and United Arrows, among others), and product designs.

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