The following guidelines are important for authors to ensure their articles published in good quality and in a timely manner. The publisher has the right to reject the manuscript that are not following the guidelines.

Submission of manuscripts

Authors must submit the manuscripts in Word File to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Preparation of the manuscript

The manuscript should be written in English Language. Figures, citation and reference style must follow APA style. The manuscript must be typed with a single spacing throughout, including references, tables, footnotes, figures,  etc on A4 size leaving margins (top, bottom, left and right) I inch. Headings should be centred, upper case in bold and use font Century Gothic with size number 14. Sub-headings should be upper case, centred alignment and use font Century Gothic with size number 10. Sub-sub-headings should be in lower case, at left margin and in bold and use font Century Gothic with size number 10. Use font Century Gothic with size number 10 for body text without indentation.

  1. Title Page
    a) Title should be concise and informative
    b) Name of author/s
    c) Institution name or author’s affiliation
    d) E-mail address

  2. Abstract and Keywords
    a) Abstract not more than 200 words summarizing the keys points of the manuscripts
    b) Use maximum six (6) keywords or phrases


Keywords: perceived ethical work climates, moral development, ethical decision making, ethics policies.


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