• Infraction will result in a warning, and if any further action is necessary, the KMC user(s) causing disturbance will be asked to leave KMC. If the user(s) refuses to leave, s/he will be warned and stern action will be taken.
  • In order to maintain the good image of the University, KMC users are reminded that they must properly and decently attired when they enter the KMC in accordance to the University dress code.
  • Breach of rules on attire may also render a member liable for disciplinary action.
  • Bags, cases, files, folders are not allowed to be taken into the KMC. Those materials must be left in the locker area near the entrance/exit. All books and personal belongings must be shown to the staff/guard at the KMC exit whenever required to do so.
  • Silence shall be observed in the KMC. Hand phones or cellular phones or pagers and watch alarm should be switched off upon entering the KMC.
  • All games are prohibited.
  • Anything of value should not be left unattended in the KMC. The KMC does not take responsibility for the loss of any items.
  • Any personal possessions brought into the KMC should not be left unattended and should not cause obstruction to other users.
  • Vacated seats may not be reserved for more than fifteen minutes.
  • Accessing undesirable Internet sites and downloading, printing and circulating undesirable materials is strictly prohibited.
  • Using computer software which is not owned by the KMC or any of the KMC's personal computer.
  • Installing software or changing any of the microcomputer system set up or any of the KMC's personal computer.
  • Storing documents in the computer network or hard disks.
  • The following is prohibited : loitering, soliciting, smoking, vaping, consumption of food and drink, pets, bare feet, excessive noise, offensive odour, improper behaviour, obstruction of people, use of profanity, sleeping on premises.

Item Reservation

Items that are already on loan may be reserved/hold. Items that are available on shelves could not be reserved/hold. Reservations are allowed on all categories of loanable materials.

Users can reserve an item at Lending Counter or through Online Access Public Catalogue (OPAC). 


Borrowing privileges are suspended immediately for users with charges of RM6.00 or more. The block at RM6.00 will includes both unpaid bills and charges accumulating on overdue materials not yet returned.

Non-Circulating Materials

Some materials are to be used within the KMC ONLY and not to be taken out of the KMC, e.g. theses, dissertations, project papers, etc. Reference items also not allowed to be checkout.

Reserve Materials

Reserve collection is located at the Red Spot room. Lecturers are most welcome to place their course materials on Reserve Collection in order to make those materials accessible to their students. Users can borrow Reserve Collection for a maximum of 1 day.


Users are subject to recall if they are required by another user at any time. A notice will be sent to the users informing him/her which material has been recalled and what the new due date is. Failure to return the material by the new due date will result in suspension of loan privileges until all recalled are returned.

Users will be notified if an item needs to be returned before its original due date because of another users request. All materials which is issued for more than one weeks may be recalled for use by another borrower before the due date. The borrower will receive a letter with notification of the recall request along with the new due date. If the borrower has had the material for fewer than seven days , he may keep it for a full one week period. If he has the material for more than one week, it must be returned within 3 days.

Lost / Damage Materials

If an item borrowed by a user is lost or damaged, he/she will be charged for its replacement cost which consists of the

  • price of the item
  • RM30.00 of processing fee
  • plus any outstanding fines

If an inter-library loan material from another library is lost/damaged, the user will be billed by the lending library according to that library's policies. Users should report lost materials immediately, so that their privileges are not suspended.

Delinquent Patron List

At the end of semester, users will be placed on a delinquent patron list for the following reasons:

  • KMC or interlibrary loan materials which have not been returned.
  • Unpaid fees for lost KMC or Inter-LIBRARY Loan materials.
  • Unpaid overdue fines of more than RM6.00.
  • Unpaid inter-library loan photocopy fees totaling more than RM10.00.
  • A delinquent patron loses all KMC privileges and may have grades and transcripts held until the above condition is resolved.

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